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You insure your car and your house. . . Why not insure your child? Our teen coaches offer effective strategies to conquer social, emotional, and mental difficulties.

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Prevent Problems Before They Happen

Gain access to all the tools you need to successfully help your teenager develop a happy, healthy lifestyle.


1-on-1 Coaching & Psychology

We work with parents and teens to help create healthier, happier family relationships.


Inspirational Events

Providing exclusive advice for teens and their parents on how to effectively connect with each other.


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Expand your methods with straightforward, helpful topics for both you and your teen.

Protect Your Loved One & Avoid Harmful Situations

75% of mental illness starts before the age of 24. 

We all want our children to live successful, happy lives. Given the odds, why wouldn’t you have a teen coach?

Just as you improve your performance from a soccer, ballet, netball, or drama coach, if your family has a teenager, you will also benefit from a teen coach.

Meet the Teen Team

DAV website 2

Hello. I’m Davina. And I’ve been gifted the skill of speaking teenager.  I am the owner and founder of Speak Teen!  I’m often asked by teens ‘how did you know I was feeling that way’ and ‘how are you able to just get me’?  The answer is simple:  I’ve been listening for over a decade to teenagers tell me things they don’t want their parents to know – and why they don’t want them to know.  Please let me share with you what I know so that you, too, can Speak Teen!

Davina Donavan

Owner and Founder of Speak Teen
Crystal WEbsite

Hi I’m Crystal Anderson. I am passionate about psychology and helping people to feel happier and healthier. I really enjoy working with Teenagers – they are insightful and amazing, and misunderstood at times.  I have the ability to recognise mental health concerns and barriers to recovery and provide evidence-based psychological interventions, career advice and guidance, mental health management, mental health first aid, and suicide intervention and prevention.

Crystal Anderson

Principal Psychologist

Certified & Educated Guidance

Work with a teen coach who has the knowledge that can help you truly relate to your teenager.


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