Do the negative thoughts take control of you? Do they make you feel sad?

Up to 70% of your mind chatter is negative.

Why is changing your negative thinking into positive mind chatter important?

Negative thinking can affect you by making it difficult to concentrate, difficulty recalling information, fatigue, poor immune system, low self-confidence, and an inability to communicate assertively, to name just a few.

Here are 2 simple ways to make your thoughts more positive:

1. Write down three things you are grateful for in your life each day.
It can be simple but meaningful, such as food on your plate, a roof over your head, or a book to write in and help you study.
It may be hard to think of something at first, however, be persistent and you will find it becomes easier over time and helps you to start feeling more positive.

2. Schedule in some time for activities that you enjoy or self-care practices.
It can be one day or month ahead, but it is important to dedicate some time to yourself. Perhaps, you stopped doing art and craft six months ago but really enjoyed it?
Maybe you stopped fishing but felt it helped you to relax? Or you started isolating yourself and stopped spending time with family and friends
These are the things that help you to feel better and start being you again…
Schedule in some time for YOU today.

Write down how you feel today then once you start doing these simple exercises, write down how you feel afterwards. Do you notice any differences?

Need more simple tips? Book in for some teen coaching and start feeling better today!

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