Are you concerned about your Teen?  Can you see warning signs that need addressing?  Have you tried to support them but to no avail?  When you suggested counselling did they refuse?
Do you now feel helpless?

Try these two tried and tested methods for empowering a Teen to get the help and support they need.

1:  Refrain from telling your Teen that they need help.  They do not believe that they a) NEED b) HELP so refrain from using these two words.  Instead, try empowering your Teen to make a choice to better themselves, their health and their future.  Try these statements instead:  'I notice that you're down and sad, what would you like to do to feel better' or 'you mentioned that you don't like feeling this way and I can see how difficult it is, did you know there are ways to feel better - let me know if you want to know more'.   

By suggesting ways to get support you start to 'fertilize' the idea.  Ideally, when a Teen seeks support for themselves, this is the most powerful form of action!

2:  Normalise the help seeking process.  At Speak Teen, we have coaches available to support your Teen through any of life's challenges.  Many people access coaching or support to manage difficult times or to support them to do something they are not used to doing:  for example, your Teen may have sought out a sports coach to better performance or a friend to talk through a difficult situation.  Both a sport coach and a friend are ways of seeking help and no matter your age, we all do it!  Seeking professional support for a mental, emotional or social challenge is no different! 


 If your Teen wants coaching to help navigate any difficult facet of life, get in contact with Speak Teen Teen Coaching today! 

Speak Teen Back to School Community Wellness Day:  Jan 12th 2018, CB Mott Park, Holland Park, 10-2pm 

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