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Being Successful is a 3 hour workshop for Teens and Pre-Teens. Teens and Pre-Teens can expect to acquire an understanding of what it takes to succeed at school and in life, empowering them to take ownership and control over their thoughts, feelings and actions. Teens and Pre-Teens are encouraged to bring a sibling or friend to the workshop free of charge.

Mindset, Mood and Motivation is a one day workshop for Teenagers and Pre-Teens. Teens and Pre Teens can expect to navigate and understand that mindset, mood and motivation can be changed and the power of positive thinking! Teens and Pre-Teens are encouraged to bring a sibling or friend to the workshop free of charge.

Need a Holiday?  Speak Teen will be hosting quarterly TEEN ONLY holidays from Friday afternoon to Sunday lunch.  With a range of adventure and relaxation activities planned, Speak Teen Holidays are perfect to wind down after a busy and stressful exam period. Teenagers are encouraged to bring a sibling or friend holidaying free of charge.

Hire Me! is for those seeking employment.  This is a full day package for teenagers to assist with starting work. The workshop covers resume writing, cover letters, interview techniques, where to find work, strength and confidence building exercises to help with starting work, and succeeding in the workforce. Teenagers are encouraged to bring a sibling or friend to the workshop free of charge.

Taking expressions of interest

Taking expressions of interest


April School Holidays, 2019

13 April

January - June 2019 dates

23 February | 29 June


Raising Successful Teens is a one day workshop for parents and carers of Teens and Pre-Teens. Parents and carers can expect to better: understand Teenage behaviour and emotions, how to manage Teenage moods, how to negotiate and set boundaries with Teens and how to empower their Teen to live a successful life. Parents and carers are added to a closed facebook group, for three months after the workshop, where they will have access to further training and development, unlimited Q & As with an experienced Teen Coach and support from other parents/carers. Parents and Carers are encouraged to bring a partner or friend to the workshop free of charge.

30th March, 2019

9.30am - 430pm Brisbane


Speaking Events

Davina is a highly sought-after speaker, having presented at events around Australia and Internationally. Her distinctively warm and engaging persona is felt by the audience. Davina has a unique way of addressing each individual in the room and supports audiences to feel connected to the topic.

She is highly passionate about empowering parents to know and understand their teenager, to prevent family disharmony and disconnect.  And, Teens engage with her well because she can Speak Their Language. 

Davina and the team at Speak Teen are available to attend your school, workplace, or community and talk to teenagers or those who communicate with teenagers. Topics include Mindset, Motivation, Anxiety Management, Relationships, Bully Proofing, Suicide Prevention, and much more.

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